Aids Orphans Campaign - making a difference.

This site is to be developed by SOS Children Villages Canada about different reasons people sponsor a child. These sites and our aids orphans sites are meant to help promote the work we do for orphans.

Our Aids Orphan awareness campaign sites:

Please be patient with us as our volunteers add content. In the meantime please go to our child sponsor pages for more information on how to help and orphan grow up and know love.

In the meantime here is a thought which we are putting on several of our "to be developed" sites to be used for a topic-related site in due course. Other sites we are planning to develop include AIDS orphans.

Often the people we really want to thank are those who care the most about others. As a change from sending them thank you presents why not send them a gift which makes the world a better place. Wouldn't they really appreciate the thought behind that?
What we do

SOS Children's Villages is one of the world's largest charities and provides long-term care for children who have no-one else, as well as wide-ranging support for local communities in 131 countries.

SOS Children's Villages Canada relies primarily on charity donations from individuals. Donors can decide on which projects or countries the entirety of their contribution (after transaction costs) will go to, or leave it to us to decide this.